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Building Standards and Warranty

Rustic Outdoor Escapes is an established construction company using proven methods and techniques for building structures. The employees are trained in standard building practices and installation procedures to maximize the long term performance of the products.

As with other natural materials, variations in wood are normal and are to be expected. The occurring variations in color of stain and occasional surface irregularities enhance the natural appearance of the finished project, and are to be expected. Each project is custom crafted and has unique characteristics.


All Rustic Outdoor Escapes structures come complete with a one-year limited warranty.  We carefully select only the finest building materials for each of our outdoor structures.  In doing so, Rustic Outdoor Escapes will guarantee for a period of one year from the date of installation that our product will be free from any defective material* or workmanship. In the event our product, or a portion of our product is found to be defective, we will repair or replace the defective item free of charge, at our discretion.

In no event will Rustic Outdoor Escapes be responsible for any damage to the structure caused by events unrelated to the construction of the structure such as, but not limited to fire, hail, winds, high water, poor soil condition, or criminal mischief.

*Western Red Cedar is a natural product in which cracks, wane and checking may appear.