About Us

Thanks for stopping by! Here is a little about us.

Lacey & I were both born and raised in West Texas and have a love for the people, the way of life and the beautiful sunsets. We started this company in 2005 with a desire to bring people together to enjoy the outdoors. We love spending time with our daughters, Allie and Bailey, being involved in the community and being outdoors!

We can make your personal escape a reality through many of the services we offer. It might be as simple as extending out the concrete patio to provide a little more room for your outdoor space or it could be adding a pavilion with a built-in fireplace and outdoor kitchen. To see a comprehensive list of services we offer, click here. Regardless of your needs or budget we can help you create the space you need to escape from the daily grind.

We know life can be a grind sometimes and there are plenty of things to get stressed out about. The reason we are here is to provide you with a space to escape from the pressures of life that you can enjoy everyday in your own backyard. A luxurious space to enjoy the outdoors at your own home. A place where you can be comfortable. A place you can get a fresh start to the day in a peaceful atmosphere. A place where you can relax, unwind and decompress at the end of the day. A place where you can build relationships with family and friends. A place where you can make memories that will last a lifetime.  
We are equipped to help you accomplish this mission through the experience have gained in the construction industry, the many partnerships we have formed, and unique methods we have created. We have been in business in West Texas since 2005 and our experience in construction goes back over 20 years. We are from West Texas, have roots here and are here to stay. We have formed several partnerships with local vendors, subcontractors and designers to offer high quality services at the best possible price point. What sets us apart from any others is our experience, unique methods and commitment to excellence. 
- Jeff, Lacey, Allie, Bailey Ainsworth 
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